41½ Fun Projects for your Atari

Prentice-Hall 🇺🇸 1984

Do you remember the day you brought your shiny new Atari home? What an exciting time! At first it seemed as if you could think of thousands of ways it would make your life easier, better, and more fun. However, if you're like most people, as the months rolled by and the novelty of owning a computer subsided, routine chores slowly replaced that initial anticipation.

41½ FUN PROJECTS FOR THE ATARI® gives you back that wonderful excitement. One of the first Creative Pastimes books, from the Reston Computer Group, this fantastic book shows you 41½ good reasons to fall in love with your Atari all over again.

In a burst of creative energy. Dale Disharoon and Herbert Kohl deliver some fresh ideas that you'll find easy to key in and modify. The 41½ projects range all the way from a dating program to a mini word processor. You'll be absolutely obsessed with a Dungeons and Dragons dice rolling program, and you'll probably want to take full advantage of the innovative strategy and music games. Practically speaking, programs such as a guitar tuner and chord teacher, a metric converter, and a comparison shopping program truly make your life easier.