101 Programming Surprises & Tricks for Your Atari Computer

TAB Books 🇺🇸 1984

Are you tired of finding the same old collections of games and puzzles in every book you pick up?

Do you wish someone would come up with a new group of entertainment programs designed especially to take advantage of your ATARI'S text, graphics, color, and sound capabilities?

Then you're in for a very pleasant surprise! This exciting new collection of games, novelties, and programming marvels is fresh, literate, and packed with all kinds of unique and downright amazing ways to have fun with your computer! Best of all each program has been designed to take fullest advantage of your ATARI'S advanced capabilities— sound, graphics, color, and text!

Here's where you'll find music and sound programs, animated graphics, one- and two-player games, one-of-a-kind novelties, and more! Unlike many programming guides, this one makes no attempt to instruct you— although you'll discover some extremely clever programming tricks that you'll be able to use for more serious programming applications. Instead, the object is to entertain and be entertained!

This is where you'll find programs that are the perfect way to relax when you're tense and overworked ... programs that provide that much-needed break after hours of serious business or educational programming. With the barest amount of commentary accompanying each program, you'll never be quite sure what to expect ... and that's the fun part!

Programs range from short, simple novelties to full-length games for you and another player. There are animated graphics, games suitable for youngsters (with variations that make them interesting enough for the most sophisticated player), programs that poke fun at the computer and at computer users, music and sound effects that are really different, new versions of popular game simulations, and some highly original games you won't find anywhere else!

David L. Heiserman is a writer, teacher, computerist, and R&D consultant who has written several best-selling books for TAB including Projects in Machine Intelligence for Your Home Computer.