Fujinet Server Stats Reset

I updated the code that I use to log TNFS access to my server. I spent the last couple of weeks rearranging things on the server, cleaning out old files that I didn’t want to keep, reorganizing things to be easier to find stuff etc. The result of all of this is that it felt like the existing stats page had a lot of bad data in it so I’ve cleared out all the old stats and I’m starting again. The cleanup is ongoing but the bones are how I want things to be going forward.

Have a good Silly Venture everyone!
I wish I could have made it to VCF East this weekend!

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― Nolan Bushnell

There is a LOT of work going into a database on the back end of this site at the moment.

I think it’s going to be pretty special, but news reporting is suffering as a result. Apologies for any news I miss in the meantime!