The annual BASIC 10 Liner competition is something of a tradition with 8bit enthusiasts, it’s been running for 8 years now and has had over 300 entries submitted for the various 8bit systems.

Gunnar Kanold, the organiser, used to monitor all the different forums for the 8bit systems and coordinate the competition from these many locations. That has become too much of a task, so this year, while you are encouraged to discuss your 10-liner entries in your forum of choice, the only way to submit an entry is to email Gunnar Directly at the email below.

The Rules

All 8-bit computer systems are allowed to enter and all line oriented BASIC dialects are allowed although there is a restriction in the PUR-80 category.

All systems must be emulatable as the jurors don’t have access to all the physical hardware for judging. Please provide a text file with the program description and instructions along with a recommendation for an emulator and brief instructions to get the 10-liner running with your submission. The quality of the description/instructions can add up to 0.5 bonus points to your submissions score.

Last years ‘FREI‘ category (Program a game in 10 lines, no other restrictions) received no entries so it has been dropped this year.

​The other categories remain unchanged from last year.

  • PUR-80: Program a game in 10 lines (max 80 characters per logical line, abbreviations are allowed). Attention: In this category only factory built-in BASIC variants are allowed
  • PUR-120: Program a game in 10 lines (max 120 characters per logical line, abbreviations are allowed)
  • EXTREME-256: Program a game in 10 lines (max 256 characters per logical line, abbreviations are allowed)​​
  • WILD: Any entry that isn’t a game, has more than 10 lines of code, or doesn’t follow the rules below.

Further rules for the above categories:

  1. Loading of data or program parts from mass storage is not allowed
  2. The 10 lines must not contain any machine programs
  3. All code must be visible in the listing: self-modifying code or hidden initializations are not allowed
  4. Allowed are POKEs in storage locations

The deadline for entries is Saturday, March 30, 2018, 6:00 pm CET and the Award ceremony will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2018 at the NOMAM in Lübeck.

Voting will be via a panel of experts and there is a “Publics Choice” special award, if you wish to vote for your favourite entries you can do so by tweeting to the 10-liners twitter account @Basic10L


The programmers agree to a publication of the programs, the descriptions and the instructions by the organizer

Submissions will receive a confirmation via email or in the 10-Liner Forum