Incognito and U1MB Firmare updates nearing release

Atari8 are almost ready to release new firmwares for Incognito and Ultimate 1MB. Just over a year since the previous version was released.

New in this version…

Numerous cosmetic improvements, new boot selector, revised loader with better recursive search, numerous bug fixes, and more.

Skool Daze

An 8-Bit classic from 1984 has been ported to the Atari XL/XE. Skool Daze by Microsphere was originally written by David and Helen Reidy for the C64 and Spectrum; an Atari version was sorely missed.

Now it’s 2017 and Mariusz Wojcieszek & Jose Pereira have filled the hole by porting the C64 code and the Spectrum graphics to make a new version for us.


Have a good Silly Venture everyone!

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